Your Advantages:

  • General Ship Supplier
  • Onboard Representation
  • Timely Delivery
  • Reliable
  • 24 hours service -  every day
  • fair prices
  • excellent service

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Weser Shipstores

  • Weser Shipstores is a reliable General ship chandler. At a call to our office in Bremerhaven you will see your pressing needs being transformed into action without any compromise.
  • Our representatives meet vessel of all nations with the same expert care. We have an internation mix of personell, reflecting the multi-cultural business we operate in. 
  • We deliver fas to every Norther German Port. 
  • We supply small orders to Bremerhaven, Bremen, Brake, Nordenham without extra charges.
  • When you stay longer you will get your own contact person who will take care about orders, problems and everything you need.

Weser Shipstores your Ship Chandler in Bremerhaven since 1989.